The Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) has drawn up a list of the 100 best startups of the year 2023 located in its 51 science and technology parks present in 15 Spanish autonomous communities.

These are 100 innovative projects in cutting-edge fields ranging from biotechnology to artificial intelligence through clean energy, telecommunications, health, space, automotive, semi-conductors, agrotechnology, blockchain, software, etc.

5 of the 100 startups have emerged thanks to the startup ideation and acceleration program (APTENISA) promoted by APTE with the support of ENISA.

In addition, of the 100 startups, there are 32 in which the person who holds the position of CEO or founder is a woman.

To publicize these startups, APTE has created a section on its website where you can consult the sector of activity in which they are included, the science and technology park in which they are located, their websites, the range of annual turnover, the investment raised by each one, the state of investment in which they are located and the year of creation. The information is completed with a brochure that includes a description of each of the companies in English and Spanish.

APTE’s objective with this information is to recognize the 100 most outstanding startups in Spanish science and technology parks and to highlight the quality and entrepreneurial capacity developed in these environments, as well as to facilitate the knowledge of these companies to potential investors interested in high-growth projects.

These startups will have a special role during the next edition of the Transfiere Forum to be held in Malaga from 20 to 22 March 2024, as they will receive a special invitation to participate with networking agenda so they can participate and organize meetings with potential customers and investors.

Original news: APTE top 100 startups – APTE (17/01/2024).

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