The company plans to build a new factory in Plisan before 2030 with an investment of 2.3 million euros.

Veigadaña (Concello de Mos). 15/12/2023. The Galician biotech BETA Implants, specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of prostheses for animals, inaugurated today its new facilities in the industrial area of Veigadaña (Concello de Mos), with the support of XesGalicia and VigoActivo. Its new factory has a production area of 500 square meters and an administrative and training area of another 500 square meters. The new facilities, located in the area of influence of Vigo, will allow BETA Implants to increase its production capacity by around 300 percent. Until now, the company occupied a 200 square meter warehouse in Salvaterra do Miño, with a production of 600 implants per month. Now the company, located in its new headquarters, has set itself the target of reaching 2,500 implants per month within three years (2023-2025).

But the expansion of BETA Implants does not stop there. The company, a partner of the Clúster Tecnolóxico Empresarial das Ciencias da Vida (Bioga), plans to set up in the medium term at the Plataforma Loxistico Empresarial de Salvaterra-As Neves (Plisan), developed by the Xunta de Galicia, Zona Franca de Vigo and Autoridad Portuaria de Vigo. “We have a land right there of almost 6,000 square meters, on which we are planning a new factory with an expected investment of 2.5 million euros.

The biotechnology company is developing a strategic plan up to 2025 that envisages expansion into twenty countries and doubling its turnover.

Bibiana Rodiño emphasizes that this medium-term growth and expansion strategy will allow BETA Implants “to grow in production capacity and also to develop a division of implants for humans”. In her opinion, a project based on a factory in Plisan “is essential to have the interest of a key player in the market that can integrate BETA Implants into a larger group”.

BETA Implants has state-of-the-art production equipment at its new plant in the Veigadaña industrial park. The company’s activity is focused on the manufacture of implants, screws and customized surgical instruments for animals. “We are the only company in Spain capable of manufacturing a custom-made part in 24 hours,” emphasizes Bibiana Rodiño. “We send customized implants to animals halfway around the world.” The company is currently present in fifteen countries, such as Qatar, Kuwait, Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico.

BETA Implants generates 38 jobs, most of them highly qualified

The company based in the Concello de Mos generates a total of 38 jobs, most of them highly qualified. Seventy-eight percent of its employees have university or technical degrees. And 69 percent of its workforce is made up of women.

The expansion plan of BETA Implants, which was born from a collaboration project with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Vigo in the R&D project of the Xunta de Galicia, foresees reaching a total of 600 clients by 2025, of which 40 percent would be international. In addition, its presence would reach the markets of some twenty countries, doubling its turnover in just two years.

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