The Cluster

Enhancing the Biotech Sector

We are a non-profit business association that supports the value chain of the biotechnology sector with activities in Galicia.

At the Cluster, we strive to enhance the position of the Galician biotechnology sector, aiming for improved competitiveness and business generation by promoting actions and services specifically tailored to ecosystem members.


Our mission is to energize the ecosystem players in Galician life sciences with the aim of creating a robust research environment, promoting knowledge transfer, and establishing a business network that forms the economic engine of Galicia and contributes to the well-being of society


Our vision is to position Galicia as one of the leading biotechnology regions internationally, fostering business generation and corporate consolidation through high-impact services and activities.

Strategic goals

Seizing the innovation opportunities offered by the Life Sciences sector as a driver of economic and social growth.

Collaborating with Public Administrations to develop a legal and institutional framework to promote innovation in the sector.

Promoting sector analysis and foresight, as well as disseminating scientific and technological advancements in the Life Sciences.

Supporting entrepreneurship and the consolidation of companies in the Life Sciences sector.

Supporting the international expansion of companies in the Life Sciences sector.

Organizing activities and providing tailored services aimed at the Life Sciences sector.

Conducting Research and Development projects for the Life Sciences sector.

Securing funding and channeling grants to members for the development of projects in the Life Sciences field.

Facilitating cross-sector hybridization processes to bring biotechnological innovation closer to strategic sectors.


Talent management

Comprehensive program of initiatives and activities aimed at attracting and retaining highly specialized talent in the bio field.

Entrepreneurship and Project Financing

Generating activities that promote new lines of business and collaboration, as well as actively seeking funding for them.

Networking and Collaborative Networks

Organizing high-impact activities that promote the generation of contacts and alliances.

Innovation and Cross-Sector Hybridization

Generating new lines of research and collaboration among various stakeholders in the R&D&I field of Life Sciences and other economic sectors.

Growth and Competitive Improvement

A set of activities aimed at enhancing the competitive positioning of the Galician biotech sector.

Internationalization and Access to New Markets

Supporting sector companies in activities related to international promotion, accessing new markets, and organizing trade missions and events.

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