Galicia Biodays

Galicia Biodays

Biannual forum of reference in the biotechnology and Life Sciences industry of the European Atlantic Area.

Premios Bioga

Bioga Awards

Annual recognition of the best business projects and the most innovative and competitive companies in the Galician Biotech ecosystem.

Bioinvestor Program

BioInvestor Program

Promoting access to private finance through training and mentoring.


BioTalent Program

Promoting the attraction and retention of talent in the Galician biotechnology ecosystem.

BioSpeed Dating

Biospeed Dating

Generation of professional relationships and collaborative projects through speed dating.



Talks on the latest developments and trends in the biotech sector given by leading experts.



Specific training activities with relevant experts from the Galician biotechnology sector.

Biointernational Insights

BioInternational Insights

Cycle of webinars where, through our international collaborators, the state of the biotechnology sector in different bioregions will be presented.

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