Organizational framework

The General Assembly

The General Assembly, comprised of all member associates, serves as the highest governing body of the Association. Its responsibilities include approving financial statements, the activity plan and budgets, the annual report, as well as appointing the Board of Directors and determining annual dues.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the collegiate body responsible for representing and providing ongoing leadership to the Association. Comprising five members, they are authorized to make decisions and act as representatives of BIOGA in all matters specific to the Association’s mission.

The current composition of the Board of Directors.

Jose Manuel López Vilariño


Head of R&D at Hijos de Rivera

Carme Pampín

Vice President

CEO of GalChimia S.A.

Daniel Fernández Mosquera


CEO Qubiotech Health Intelligence

Mónica Valladares


Manufacturing Science and Technology Director en Lonza Biologics Porriño

Santiago Domínguez


CEO Mestrelab Research

María Seoane



Executive team

Loli Pereiro

Cluster Manager

Julio Martínez

Project Manager

Daniel Álvarez

Project Manager

Mateo Tuñón

Project Technician
Pablo Quinteiro Bernal

Pablo Quinteiro Bernal

Project Technician

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